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ADP Group (Qld) Pty Ltd is an Australian based company with over 30 years’ collective experience as asbestos removal, demolition, de-fit and plastering specialists in Brisbane. Servicing the Brisbane region and its surrounding areas, ADP Groups’ professionally trained team adhere strictly to all Government held asbestos regulations and hold up to date accreditations. As a company, ADP Group hold all current industry licenses, permits and insurances which are available upon request.

Our employees’ expertise and accreditations ensure the greatest care is taken for the safety of our clients, the community and our workforce. All respective projects are handled with a scheduled completion date, and encapsulate tailored planning through to communicating clear roles for clients.

The sites and facilities where ADP Group have conducted work as asbestos removal, demolition, de-fit and plastering specialists in Brisbane and surrounding areas range from industrial, commercial and residential scenarios. A comprehensive expertise and decades of experience in every sector gives ADP Group the capability to perform safe and reliable services every time.

To gather more information about ADP Groups’ role as asbestos removal, demolition, de-fit and plastering specialists in Brisbane, call us today on 1300 605 105. Alternatively, fill out our simple online enquiry form located on each page.

ADP Group (Qld) Pty Ltd has worked on asbestos projects in the following scenarios:

  • Utilities assets
  • Land remediation and redevelopment sites
  • Industrial facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Commercial and shopping centres
  • Local government assets
  • Residential homes
  • Various construction and building sites



ADP Group (Qld) Pty Ltd has worked with a number of clients which include:

  • Queensland Urban Utilities
  • Interflow
  • Various local Councils
  • Hutchinson’s Building
  • CPM Group
  • Cockrams
  • FKG Group
  • North West Commercial Industries (NWCI)
  • Architects, developers and renovators



Certificate Number

Licence to perform Class A Asbestos Removal
ADP Group (QLD) Pty Ltd


Waste Tracking


AS/NZ 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System



Public Liability and General





ADP Group (Qld) Pty Ltd is a member of relevant industry associations:

  • Asbestos Industry Association (AIA)
  • Demolition Contractors Association (DCA)
  • Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI)

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