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Providing expert asbestos removal, demolition and plastering services in Brisbane and surrounding areas, ADP Group has over 30 years’ collective experience servicing industries. Our experience includes working on industrial, commercial and residential projects, and for a range of local councils, industries and developers. We are committed to not only performing high-standard and safe asbestos removal, demolition and plastering services in Brisbane, but to providing education about the process and dispelling common myths.

Mitigate the risks associated with asbestos removal with our accredited team of experienced asbestos removalists. The safety and care of clients, the community and our workforce are of upmost important to us at all times. For rental offices or commercial spaces, ADP Group provides extensive professional de-fits. Removal of all signage, installed walls, fittings and cabling and repairing of ceilings, floor coverings and patch walls are all included to return your tenanted space back to its original standing. No matter your location, be it an industrial zone, rural home or commercial space, ADP Groups’ controlled expert demolition service initiates well-planned and communicated demolitions and teardowns. All projects are executed with a scheduled completion date and in accordance with all Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines and National Codes of Practice, for the safety and wellbeing of all clients and employees.

Educating clients and the community on asbestos and asbestos removal is imperative for ADP Group. Detailed information on asbestos removal practices and procedures can be found on the FAQ page, covering pre-and post-removal information and commonly asked questions for complete reassurance during an asbestos removal. You can find more information about ADP Group’s asbestos removal, demolition and plastering services in Brisbane on their respective pages or through our blog page.

Get your asbestos removal, demolition or plastering project started now. Enquire with our expert team about ADP Group’s services by filling in our quick online form or calling us on 1300 605 105 to receive a free quote.

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Asbestos Removal

Safe and reliable A and B class asbestos removal

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From bathroom/kitchen renovations to whole houses, commercial and industrial projects.


High quality domestic, commercial and industrial plastering services

ADP Group has worked on asbestos projects in

Commercial and Shopping Centres
Industrial Facilities
Land Remediation and Redevelopment Sites
Utilities Assets
Various Construction and Building Sites
Schools and Universities
Residential Homes
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