Why should I remove asbestos from my home?

You should remove asbestos from your home for:

– The health and safety of yourself and your family,

– To improve the aesthetics of your home,

– To increase the value of your home.

What types of asbestos do you remove?

ADP Group is fully licensed and insured to remove both friable and bonded asbestos.

How do you transport asbestos waste?

ADP Group hold hazardous waste permits to transport asbestos on our own vehicles.

Do we need a skip bin on site?

ADP Group has its own fleet of tip trucks so in most cases we do not require a skip bin on site.

Do I need to notify the government and our neighbours about asbestos removal in my home?

No, ADP Group looks after all notifications to The Department of Workplace Health and Safety and any direct neighbours.

Can I remove asbestos myself?

It is not recommended to handle, disturb or attempt to remove asbestos yourself, as it is severely hazardous to your health. All ADP Group personnel are highly trained and have the correct PPE and equipment to safely remove asbestos.

Can I be there when removal of asbestos is being done?

No you must be a licensed asbestos remover to be on site whilst work is being carried out.

When can we return home?

Following the removal of asbestos, your site will be totally cleaned with hazardous material vacuums and wet wiped down. Following this, the area will be sprayed with a bonding agent and then a clearance inspection will be done. After that you, your family and pets can return to your home in full confidence that it is a safe and clean environment.

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