ADP Group demolishes of all types of buildings from projects as small as a bathroom/kitchen renovation to whole houses, commercial and industrial projects.

ADP Group have 30 years’ collective experience as highly trained and qualified demolition specialists in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Providing a range of demolition services from bathroom or kitchen renovations to whole house, commercial and industrial demolition projects.

Providing a safe and reliable demolition environment is imperative for ADP Group. All our qualified demolition specialists in Brisbane hold current accreditations and ADP Groups’ industry licenses, insurances and permits are available to any clients upon request. All demolition projects are developed with a tailored plan unique to each scenario. ADP Group ensures no matter the size of the demolition project, all clients involved are aware of each step of the process, and understand their designated roles. All roles and responsibilities provided to the clients will be assisted by expert demolition specialists for completely clarity and assurance. Demolition projects will be conducted with minimal impact to any surroundings within the property and within a convenient time frame.

Enquire online using our simple contact form to get in touch with ADP Groups’ qualified demolition specialists in Brisbane, or call us on 1300 605 105.


ADP Groups’ demolition services include but not limited to:

  • Full home tear downs
  • Garage or other external building teardowns
  • Decks and patio demolition’
  • Concrete and asphalt demolition
  • Interior demolition (kitchens, bathrooms, walls etc)
  • Commercial defits
  • Commercial demolition
  • Industrial demolition
  • Rural structure(s) demolition (barns and sheds)
  • Planning, preparing and developing tailored demolition plans for your individual project.
  • Informing and assisting each client of their roles and responsibilities, including the disconnection of site services and council approvals.
  • Executing the project in a timely and efficient manner by the scheduled completion date.
  • Ensuring that all stages of the demolition process are completed in accordance with all National Codes of Practice and Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines

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